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Criminal Law

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Criminal law governs all matters concerning illegal activities and the punishment for these activities.

Family Law

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Family law governs all matters concerning the legal relationship between spouses, parents / guardians and their children, as well as between relatives.

Civil Law

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Civil law governs exchanges between private individuals that are not related to criminal affairs.

Labour Law

Legal Services
Labour law governs the legal relationship between employers, employees and trade unions.


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Yambu provides legal cover tailored to the needs of hard-working South African people. We look after your whole family – a husband, wife and 5 children – and offer up to 1.4 million rand legal cover for your family at a cost of only R139.00 per month. We include a death benefit of R13,900 for the main member AND the spouse at no extra premium. That's a whopping R27 800!

Our team of expert lawyers are available 24/7 to help you in your time of need. Whether you need telephonic legal advice, or more serious assistance in a bail application, we are here for you.

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