Accident in the workplace! What now???

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Accident in the workplace

Accident in the workplace! What now???

It is a fact that accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. Even if you do not work in a high-risk industrial environment. Therefore, that begs the question are you prepared to cover the cost of an accident in the workplace?

One tragic accident in the workplace can leave an organizations reputation in ruins.  How the incident is handled will show the public and the employees of that organization exactly what its core values are when it comes to the safety and compensation of their workers.   Employers need to understand that their employees are  their most important assets and taking good care of them should be a non-negotiable.

News24 recently reported that on Wednesday 24th October  a 30-year-old factory worker was crushed to death in his workplace in Springs when he got caught in some machinery.   These sorts of accidents are happening more and more frequently in South African workplaces and are costing the employer large sums of money in compensating the families who have lost their loved ones to accidents in the workplace.  Not to mention the reputational damage to the organization.

Would your organization be able to afford the cost of an accident in the workplace?

Here are a few things you should consider if you are a business owner:

  1. Does your Company follow all essential and legislated health and safety procedures to ensure employee safety at all times?
  2. Are these procedures practiced on a regular basis to ensure employees know what to do in a crisis?
  3. Is your Organization registered with COIDA?
  4. Do you have the correct employee benefits in place to make sure that should they be in an accident in the workplace that results in permanent or temporary disability or even death that they are covered?

Even if your Organization is registered with COIDA, the Compensation Commissioner, Barry Kistnasamy said when he was interviewed on Business Day(08/09/2016) that it will take 19 years to clear the claims backlog.  In addition to that, would your employee be able to survive on the 75% income you will need to provide them with for three months? In addition, would your business be able to afford a large payout to the employee for their injuries or their family in the case of their death?

YAMBU believes that every business must register for Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases however; the payout is never enough for individuals who are sole breadwinners.  YAMBU saw a need to create YAMBU Business Care, a carefully crafted a product that will take care of all your employee benefit needs when it comes to death and disability!

The Business Care policy aims to reward hard working and dedicated employees with great benefits. This will also contribute to social responsibility for the company.

The Business Care policy provides the employee with:

  • Life benefit up to R100 000
  • Disability up to R100 000
  • Personal accident up to R10 000
  • Cash back benefit
  • Premium waiver if retrenchment occurs

This policy helps remove the business risk for the employer and shows the employees that they are well taken care off and appreciated by their employer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Do something today that will help your business and your employees in the future.

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