Not having Disability Cover Could Result in Financial Ruin

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When you are young and carefree, the last thing you think about is taking out a policy for the possibility that you may be disabled in some way, If you were working for a big corporate, you would have group cover. BUT, for someone who works for themselves, runs a small business, is a domestic or contract worker, there is no Group Scheme to protect them.

Let’s say you were a single mother with 3 children, who you were financially responsible for and suddenly you fell ill, or were in an accident and could not work for a few months. Your family would suffer financial ruin.

The funny thing is, people understand death and the importance of having life cover, but fail to recognise the real possibility of being temporarily or permanently disabled.  Don’t get caught up with the idea that ‘it will never happen to me’.

If you put your trust in COIDA just bear in mind that there is a 20 year backlog and system fails consumers.

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