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The first question all our prospective clients ask us is, “YAMBU? What does that mean?” And we at YAMBU are very proud to say it means YOUR ANSWER MUST BE US! Read on to find out why……


The heart of our business is giving all South Africans full access to quality insurance products at the most affordable rates.  We pride ourselves on tapping into the true needs of consumer groups that were neglected in the past. In addition, our products will also appeal to established clients within the financial services industry due to the exceptional value we offer.

Our innovative product development team has managed to create unique and “first-in-the-market” insurance products embedded in a strong family ethos that centers on protection and care. When the creators of the Yambu products sit around a table their first approach is not, how much money we can make, but rather:

  1. Will our product offering serve the people in providing exceptional value at an affordable price?
  2. Is the product offering simple, understandable and without any nonsense?


Each and every YAMBU insurance product that is created is carefully crafted to answer these questions and is wrapped in the comfort of good family values and the promise it brings.

YAMBU launched in South Africa in 2012 with YAMBU Legal Protection.  The market responded as we have achieved in making the law accessible to all, providing all South Africans the right to legal protection with support offered by qualified attorneys and advocates.  Everyone needs a lawyer during the course of his or her lifetime. You may have been a victim of a domestic dispute, treated unfairly at work, or wrongfully accused. Where do you start with the process of reclaiming your dignity? YAMBU Legal Protection gives our clients the confidence to stand up for your rights,

With the comfort of a dedicated legal team on your side..  Our clients enjoy R200 000.00 legal cover per matter, with no limitation on the number of matters claimed for. The cover is extended to the main member, a spouse and up to five children per household.  This means that everyone in the family will have their rights protected and they will also enjoy 24-hour access to legal assistance anytime, anywhere. In addition, there is also  a total death benefit to the value of R27 800 available to the main member and spouse.  Since 2012, we have provided legal assistance to thousands of customers with close to 6000 legal cases being handled by our teams both in-house and externally and has built up a network of more than 300 firms of attorneys nationwide.

The feedback that we receive from our clients confirm that Yambu Legal Protection sets the example for the industry, and some of our clients provided the following feedback:















For more excellent client testimonials visit Click Here

Following on our initial successes, we began to explore new ways we could grow our YAMBU family and extend our product range in catering for consumer groups previously left out in the cold. .  Our attention became sharply focused on one of the most needy groups in our society – Domestic Workers! The sad truth is that these men and woman spend more time with their employers’ families than they do with their own.   What is worse is that even though they work incredibly hard they have little or nothing to leave their dependents if they pass away and nothing to fall back on if they become pregnant, have an accident or become disabled.

Thus, YAMBU Domestic Care was born and this product was set to revolutionize the ability of employers to show their gratitude to their domestic employees by providing employee benefits to those that take care of their children and homes. It is also the only product on the market that provides a maternity benefit!

YAMBU Domestic Care provides Domestic Workers with a R30 000 life benefit, R6 000 personal accident benefit, R8 000 maternity benefit and R30 000 disability benefit for just R149 per month.

Community and social responsibility should start in our homes and giving your Domestic worker a product like this enables him/her to make the future of their own families that much more secure.






Our next adventure set to launch in October 2016.  It was that of YAMBU Business Care.  After being able to design an affordable product specifically for domestic workers, prospective clients approached us in exploring the possibility of offering the benefits to employees of small businesses.   Unlike big corporates that can provide employees with access to group scheme insurance at

an affordable rate for both employer and employee, small to medium business are excluded from the traditional products offered in the market.  As a result, workers are prejudiced if they fall outside of the employee benefit loop, having to cater for their own insurance. The reality is that in most instances workers are deprived of the benefits of risk cover, especially as it is out of reach being not affordable. Employers are also exposed, as one tragic accident can leave an organizations reputation in ruins and able to cripple the balance sheet of business.

The ineffective COIDA process (workman’s Compensation) shifts all financial responsibilities to the employer, adding to the financial exposure for business. YAMBU Business Care has made this responsibility for employers less burdensome and highly affordable, not even dwelling on the benefits of improved employee-wellness and workplace satisfaction. The YAMBU Business Care policy provides the employee with a Life benefit up to R100 000, disability up to R100 000, personal accident up to R10 000, cash back benefit and a premium waiver if retrenchment occurs. This policy helps remove the business risk for the employer and shows the employees that they are well taken care of and appreciated by their employer.




The latest offering from YAMBU was launched in September 2018. YAMBU Legacy is poised to disrupt the insurance market in a big way!  

This Accidental Death Benefit product is so affordable, starting at just R9.99, and putting our competitors to shame on their pricing models. Even cover of  up to R50 000 for a main member a spouse and up to five dependents will only cost R39.99. There is absolutely no reason why every South African cannot have access to affordable insurance in times of need.   It is a well-known fact that the insurance market is flooded with death benefits and funeral covers, camouflaged by vouchers and overpriced services.  YAMBU Legacy is not your run-of-the-mill cover as we give our clients free choice.  The client gets to decide how their benefits are paid, with access to a preferred price for a tombstone paid from the policy benefits!  It is the most affordable way to ensure you and your loved ones will always be remembered.  The fact is that with the passing of a loved one, the biggest challenge is in keeping their memory alive. Funeral cover in most cases fails to provide for the means for it, or even the financial assistance in taking care of you and your family. Yambu Legacy is making it much easier for you to give your loved ones a headstone, full length base, or even a portrait bust of the deceased just to mention a few of the possible accessories.

Where there is a need to provide excellent insurance benefits and financial security at affordable rates in times of crisis to people who are the most needy, YAMBU will be there. We shall continue to create disruptive products to serve the people who forms the backbone of our economy.  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our belief that our clients are not just a number but rather they part of our family. Like family, we believe in our clients being in a lifelong relationship with us.   So needless to say,



FOR MORE INFORMATION call us on 0860 88 88 37.

We are waiting for you to become a YAMBU family member of! We made sure that you can afford it..

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