Winner of R10K Competition 2017

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Winner of 10k Rebecca Letlhake

In Order from Left. Aaron Letlhake; (Our Winner)Rebecca Letlhake ; Margie Knap

Winner: Rebecca Letlhake

Employer: Margie Knap

Nestled in the leafy suburb of Berario, we discovered a real life “Madam and Eve” story.

Four years ago, Margie Knap a wife, mother and full time business women with two adult children at home, Michael and Morgan, needed some help in the kitchen, to ensure there were wholesome meals when the family got home from school and work.  What she got was an excellent cook, a loving mother, family bread winner with a great sense of humour and a nurturing nature.  Rebecca Letlhake was referred to Margie by a friend.  Rebecca has one child, a 34 year old daughter, who suffered a serious injury in a taxi accident which has left her unable to help with the day to day running of Rebecca’s own home. Rebecca also takes care of her late sisters 5 children and her loving husband Aaron, who sadly lost his job many years ago due to the Marikana disaster and who today does piece work as a carpenter.  When Margie saw the R10k Domestic Care competition on the Yambu Facebook page, she immediately entered Rebecca by saying

“Rebecca and her family have suffered many hardships over the last few years.  Her husband Aaron worked in the Brits area and the Marikana disaster had a terrible effect on all industries in the area and he has battled to find any form of employment.  At the moment Rebecca is the sole breadwinner for her and her extended family.  She is the light at the end of my tunnel after I have had a rough day at work.  She is an amazing human being, always a smile on her face.  Becky does not bring her problems to work at all.  Only when I probe doe she share some of her troubles.  Becky keeps our house super clean, is an ironing queen and a Master Chef.  Her roast chicken is not an urban legend, it is a real legend.   I am humbled by her dedication to her husband her family and to us”.

Rebecca told us that she is very happy in her job and that life in the Knap household is happy and peaceful with no arguments.  The family dogs Jay and Jojo adore her and when there is a storm, Jay rushes to Rebecca and hides under her legs.  “The family” she said “are good people”.  Margie told Rebecca that she needed her to work on Saturday 18th February and that she needed her husband to come through to Johannesburg as well.  Aaron, was worried, as he had never been asked to come to the Knap house without a reason (he often helped with household maintenance) he thought it was bad news.  The Knaps broke the news to both of them and they were  shocked, amazed and excited.  Rebecca said she did not want to waste the money on herself, but wanted something that would always remind her of the Knap family once she retired and could be at home.  Aaron said this was the first time that he had witnessed such a wonderful thing from any of his wife’s employers and that they were good people and could not thank them enough.

Both Rebecca and Margie feel that the reason they are such a happy family is that they show each other mutual respect, consideration and understanding.  Boundaries and most importantly of all trust keeps them all together.  Rebecca is just one of those rare human beings who puts other people before herself, so this win courtesy of Yambu Domestic Care could not be going to a more worthy recipient.

Rebecca decided on a lounge suite, a microwave and a cell phone on her shopping spree, things that would never have been financially possible for her or her husband at this time of their lives.

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